Ecosystem for developers - sFrame
from 2D to VR/AR development
in No-code or JS

The Ecosystem sFrame - a set of development tools based on the sCore core for creating unique Web applications based on the principle of no-code or conventional programming.

The ecosystem allows developers to create classic Web programs for third-party users and containing 2D, 3D graphics, VR and AR for their use in a Web browser (on stationary and mobile devices).

Active tools The Ecosystem sFrame


The Core of the Ecosystem

The basis of the Ecosystem is our own Core Core (framework framework). On its basis, highly specialized editors are created for various fields, which simplify the development process and reduce the entry threshold for a beginner.





Powerful full-stack editor

Our first FULL-Stack editor for creating WEB applications based on the principle of no-code or classical programming. This is the first step in the SFrame Ecosystem and a testing ground for new achievements.



Tools in the development process


sFrame store

the internal store of the frame Ecosystem for developers, where you can buy ready-made or sell your own modules to expand the functionality of development tools



sComp и sMod

editors of components and modules in the sFrame Ecosystem




the s Framework component, which will allow you to work with 3D, VR and AR graphics on the library chassis three.js (MIT)



sWecra и sThree

editors for working with 3D graphics, VR simulators, 3D tours, programs with AR elements and so on



And many other tools

Graphic systems, Accounting systems, Interactive Whiteboards, no-code CMS systems, FrontEnd editors, Production simulators.

Our team has a general development concept and a plan that we follow, constantly making adjustments depending on new data.



Are you interested in our sFrame ecosystem and do you want to help us?

Do you want to become part of a team or help bring the Ecosystem for developers to a new level? Write or call us! We will be happy to communicate with you online or offline.

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